Banana Tote

Banana Tote

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The bag Banana

Chic, practical and playful, the cotton banana bag can be used as a grocery bag, tote bag, or luxury gift wrap. Ideal for transporting essentials such as books, keys, wallets, turnips and computers.

Technical specifications :

    • 100% cotton
    • Hand-printed silkscreen with non-toxic water-based ink
    • Machine wash in cold water. Drying in the open air
    • Dimensions: Bag : 40 cm long x 31 cm wide

    All products are made in a workshop in downtown Montreal, where the fairy raille draws, prints and sews each object, giving them a unique signature and the quality of a small production.

    Banana Tote Bag

    Sleek and funny all in one bag, the cotton banana tote is an excellent handbag, grocery bag, or luxury gift wrap. Ideal to carry the essentials: book, keys, wallet, turnip and computer.

    Technical specifications:

      • 100% cotton
      • Silk screen print with water based, non toxic ink
      • Machine wash with cold water. Air-dry
      • Dimensions: Height: 116 inches x Width: 15 inches

      All products are made in the fairy jokes workshop in downtown Montreal, where each object is drawn, printed and sewn. Each product thus owns its very own signature and the quality of a small production.