2016 - Protégez-vous - La fée raille's cactus rattle 

100% Quebecois games and toys : Even if they are still discreet on the market, these new kind of Quebecois toys are already a hit with young and old alike. Eco-friendly, responsible and above all fun, they deserve to be known:

The My Friend Sagaro Cactus Rattle ($18)
22 cm fabric rattle, which emits rattles pleasantly. Original, light weight and easy to grip for babies' hands.


2015 - Format FamilialShow - La fée raille party hats and garlands 

Top 3: Children's parties : Suggestions to facilitate the organization of children's parties.


2013 - ELLE-Québec "Handicraft 2.0" with the beautiful photos of Charles Briand


2012 - La Presse - Play tent La fée raille "Made in Quebec"


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June 2012, La Presse, "Inspiration: it's party time"

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November 2010, La Presse, “Everyone at the markets”



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