Doorway puppet and shadow theater

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Doorway puppet and shadow theater

When the time comes to create musical masterpieces, tell funny and surprising stories or reenact absurd adventures...this portable theater can be installed quickly in a door frame or on a dowel for everyday use. Made of printed cotton, the colourful curtain set slides on a small wood stick to announce the beginning or the end of the show. If the little director feels inspired to create a play with shadows, the white curtain set will come handy when the night falls, because the show must go on! Cheer! Cheer! (applause)


  • 100% cotton
  • Theater dimensions: 58 inches x 29 inches
  • Included with the theatre: Storage bag: dimensions: 34 inches x 10.6 inches / A pair of theater curtains and a white curtain for shadows / 1 adjustable tension rod for doorway installation: dimensions: 29 to 47 inches, 1/2 inches diameter
  • Washing instructions: in case of stains, gently rub the area with a damp cloth.

      All products are made in La fée raille's workshop in downtown Montreal, where each object is drawn, printed and sewn. Each product thus owns its very own signature and the quality of a small production.