Vegan Riverside shampoo (nettle and marshmallow)

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Vegan Riverside shampoo (nettle and marshmallow)  
By Savonnerie des Diligences

This bar shampoo, made from an oily macerate of marshmallow roots and organic nettle leaves (ONEKA) is soft, nourishing and fortifying. With this shampoo you will have the most beautiful hair in the animal kingdom! It is 100% vegan and zero waste.

Marshmallow Root softens, nourishes and hydrates hair. It is also known to soothe itchy scalp and fight dandruff. Nettle, like cedar essential oil, promotes hair growth and is an excellent hair fortifier when combined with castor oil.

Spirit Animal : the river otter. Because this aquatic mammal frequents the lakes and rivers of Quebec, and has the smoothest and most shiny fur!