Orgasmic Soap - Mme L'Ovary

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Orgasmic Soap - Mme L'Ovary 
By Savonnerie des Diligences

Long live the VULVOLUTION!

This soap pays homage and honors how far women have come before us. It's one more step to accepting, understanding and celebrating the beauty of the body. A daily gesture of love and dignity, signed by Mme L'Ovary.

Since the vaginal flora is delicate and requires attention and balance , the ingredients that go into making soap are as simple and gentle as possible. They are natural, without fragrance, without essential oils or dyes.


Suitable for: All skin types

Use: Use while making sure not to soap the inside of the labia majora in order to maintain the balance of the vaginal flora.

Ingredients: Oils (organic canola, organic coconut, organic sunflower, beeswax), shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, water, sodium hydroxide, white clay.

Photo credit: Margaux Edrl & Madame L'Ovary

Since 2005, the Savonnerie des Diligences has been making natural soaps and body products by hand with love, creativity and rigour.