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By Raplapla

She flies! She swims! She swirls, freezes, melts, foams, boils, evaporates, she multiplies endlessly or merges in an instant, she extinguishes fires (and sometimes drips from my eyes). Stronger than all the superheroes combined, she is a drop of water.

PS: Beneath her "I'm indestructible and superstrong" exterior, the pleuviotte is a fragile and precious little being, even rare or cruelly absent from certain corners of the globe. She deserves our full attention. Let's preserve her existence!

– She can make a good pocket memo for alcoholics.

- Eyes closed or open, with her little dancing paws, this charming shimmering drop finds her place in any decor.

- This soft toy is suitable for babies, from birth.

-Dimensions: 23cm.

Materials: Cotton and viscose, filled with polyester fill. Embroidered face.

This drop is provided with his personal health record.