Pastille Leone - by Nathalie Lété

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Pastille Leone - Nathalie Lété
by Leone

How pretty! Delicious little candy drops with fruity flavors in little boxes to cherish! It's still a bit like summer when you have one of these little treasures in your pocket to face the start of the school year. It's all thought of as a little extra to a gift package or a Christmas stocking. Three different illustrations by Nathalie Lété who lends her colorful imagination to the decoration of sweets.

Once the candy is finished, we like to use it to store our sewing accessories, but it also works as a miniature treasure chest or bunny storage.

Ingredients: sugar, arabic gum, tragacanth gum, citrus essence, fruit juice, aroma. Acidifier: tartaric acid. Natural dyes: E100, E141, E163.