Hammer rattle

Hammer rattle

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Hammer rattle

A rattle in the shape of a hammer??? Yes, it can be!!!

In addition to being used as a rattle when shaken, this multi-purpose hammer can check reflexes, put a nail back in place, or even better, fix the mechanical dinosaur. Soft and gentle, the hammer is safe for the other children's skulls or the cat's tail.

As a bonus, each rattle is tested by the ear of a professional musician before setting out to conquer the heart of your children!


Technical specifications :

    • 100% cotton
    • Polyester stuffing
    • Print with non-toxic water-based ink
    • Hand wash and dry flat
    • Dimensions: 9 inches Width: 4 inches

    Each product is drawn, printed and sewn by La Fée raille in her downtown Montreal workshop, to attain the quality and unique touch of small scale productions. The hand-printing process and the differences in prints means each object is a unique piece.