Roger the ogre - hand puppet

Roger the ogre - hand puppet

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Roger the ogre - hand puppet
By La fée raille

Roger is always hungry, Roger always wants more, Roger is the one who ate the left sock in the dryer (this is why you should never put Roger the ogre in there).

Pink like a little pig, hungry like a wolf and petty like a cactus, his sausage-shaped little fingers are mainly used to pick his teeth after a good meal of little rabbits stuffed with onions. His greatest talent is to cry on command. He is very talented!

His acting career is stagnating a bit, he would like to play other roles than villains. His latest role: the baby who cries all the time in "Alice in Wonderland".

Technical specifications :

  • 100% eco-tex linen lined with cotton canvas
  • Polyester fleece stuffing
  • Printed with non-toxic water-based ink
  • Hand washable
  • Dimensions: 25 cm high and 23 cm wide

All products are made in La fée raille's workshop in downtown Montreal, where each object is drawn, printed and sewn. Each product thus owns its very own signature and the quality of a small production.