Bunny night light

Bunny night light

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This night light offers a world of dreams and tenderness! It will allow the little ones to fall asleep peacefully without fear of the dark. It will also decorate their bedroom or any other room in the house wonderfully. With a dim lighting that gives a cozy atmosphere, it is just as pretty on as it is off!

To reassure children, you can count on the famous Bunny night light. She seems to watch over dreams, lighting them up with softness and magic.

- Handcrafted and hand painted in Germany

- Dimensions: 25cm x 23cm x 12cm

-Colour: White

- Material: PVC, recyclable plastic

-Specifics: On sector with an LED system

*This is not a toy.

*For the safety of the little ones, it is supplied with a 1.5W LED system.