Grilled Cheese: Letters

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Grilled Cheese Magazine: Letters
By Grilled Cheese

Bilingual magazine for kids, created and printed in Montreal.

5-10 years:

Learn how to write in Braille, move your arms to do the semaphore alphabet, build a mailbox, discover the alphabets of the world, and even more in this issue on the letters!

Issue 24: Letters

Illustrations: Julien Boisseau, Marianne Tricot, Victoria Biste

Texts: Sophie Labelle , Catherine Ouellet-Cummings, Anne-Sophie Tilly

Launch: June 2022 

2-4 years:

A to learn.
B to move.
C to build.
D to discover.
E for even more things to see in this issue on letters!

Issue 15: Letters

Illustrations: Jasmine Loiseau, Julien Boisseau, Nathanael Brelin, Victoria Biste

Texts: Catherine Ouellet-Cummings

Launch: June 2022