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By Raplapla

Adopting a ghost brightens the nights of those looking for a protective companion. Spectral whiteness and supernatural softness guaranteed.
WARNING: The ghost is of an evanescent nature, beware of his disappearance in the beyond (or in the bottom of the sheets) because his absence will haunt those who have loved him for a long time.

27 x 20cm. Organic cotton and bamboo, knitted in Quebec. Eyes and mouth are embroidered.

This ghost comes with his adoption certificate and comes in a nifty kraft box.

Machine wash cold , or hand wash.

It's well known that toys are afraid of water and that they hate the washing machine.

You do not have a choice? Slip the messy little thing into a pillowcase, so they won't see what's coming to them. Bonus? It will be well protected.

To minimize their suffering, use a biodegradable detergent.

Air dry (please! no dryer!).