Little hearts shoulder cover

Little hearts shoulder cover

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Little hearts shoulder cover

Are you tired of wearing your old clothes in public because baby likes to leave drool trails on your shoulder? Do not be afraid! The mocking fairy shoulder cover will allow you to reconnect with your pretty summer shirts without fear of leaving milk in them and its muslin softness will not irritate baby's little face. We even lined it for more fleece comfort! In addition to being easy to wash, this little shoulder cover will leave you chic even while burping.

It is an object designed to last: once past the age of burping, this shoulder cover changes into a cuddly toy to suckle (ideal when they are teething) then into a cuddly toy to soothe the most restless toddlers.


  • 100% extra soft double layer organic cotton muslin
    Hand-printed silkscreen with non-toxic water-based ink
  • To hand-wash. Drying in the open air
  • Size: 38x48cm //15x19"

All products are made in a workshop in downtown Montreal, where the fairy raille draws, prints and sews each object, giving them a unique signature and the quality of a small production.

All products are printed by hand, in an artisanal way. Printing differences are normal, and make each object unique.

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Little Hearts Burp Cloth

You're sick of wearing the same old clothes in public because baby loves covering your shoulder in careless slobber? Do not worry! Lafairy raille's burp cloth will help you fit right back in your favorite summer shirts without worry of milk trailing down the back, and its delicate softness will be like a caress on baby's face. We even doubled it for more comfort! Our burp cloth is not only easy to wash, it is also chic enough for you to burp a baby in style.

We conceived this product with an idea of ​​sustainability: once the burping era is over, the cloth can become a teething blanket to appease their aching gums, or a simple comfort blanket to calm the squirmiest of toddlers.

  • 100% extra soft organic cotton double gauze
  • Silk screen prints with water based, non toxic ink
  • Hand wash. Air dry on a hanger or flat
  • Dimensions: 38 x 48cm //15x19"

Each product is drawn, printed and sewn by La Fée raille in her downtown Montreal workshop, to attain the quality and unique touch of small scale productions. The hand-printing process and the differences in prints means each object is a unique piece.