Gray Linen children apron

Gray Linen children apron

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Gray linen children apron 

By La fée raille

This children- sized apron will add realism to cooking games and other imaginary scenarios. Dressed in this beautiful accessory, your child will take themself for a real chef or take their first culinary steps with all the seriousness that the uniform brings! Because yes, the apron sets the table for a whole range of real or fanciful delights, with its professionally playful touch!

This apron attaches to the waist with fabric straps. The apron is adjustable, meaning it can last a few good years as your child grow. 



  • 100% linen
  • Wash in cold water, air dry
  • Dimensions: 56cm X 48cm
  • From 2-3 years old

Each product is drawn, printed and sewn by La fée raille in her downtown Montreal workshop, to attain the quality and unique touch of small scale productions. The hand-printing process and the differences in prints means each object is a unique piece.