Shadow puppets: The Enchanted Forest

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Shadow Puppets: The Enchanted Forest

Create incredible stories before your child's bedtime to send them into a world of magical dreams. Dim the lights and let the show begin! The black cardboard silhouettes on the wooden rods will bring fun characters from the forest to the walls.

The princess, the king, the prince, the donkey, the good fairy, the forest, the witch, the dragon, the castle, all will be the heroes of the stories invented by your child.

A gift full of originality that will be appreciated as much by children for its entertaining character as by parents for its relaxing aspect.

-Age: from 3 years old

- Materials: cardboard and wood

- Dimensions of the pouch: 16 cm x 24 cm

- Contains: 9 silhouettes on stick

-Collection: ombres du soir