Domino Tanabata

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Domino Tanabata

by Kiko & gg

It's written in the stars! Create your own games with these magnificent star coins as they will become centerpieces of your creations, no matter in which galaxy you use them!

They will sometimes become tokens for exciting board games, sometimes pieces of an astral domino, sometimes elements of an imaginary magical meal... the sky is its limit.

Whether you line them up, stack them, place them in sets, or hope they're shooting stars, they'll have fun in order or out of order!

-Dimensions: 440x78x47 mm, each: piece 40 X 7 mm

- Weight: 417g

- Contents: s, 1 gold color bag, 100 star pieces: 10 navy blue, 10 yellow, 10 pink, 10 green x 10 orange x 10 gold x 10 silver x 30 natural.

-Material: Durable beech wood, non-toxic paint,

-Suggested age: 3 years and up