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by Raplapla

Fé is a super-bunny. As a supercharged masked heroine, she enjoys watching the sunset while drinking tall glasses of tangerine juice through a straw. She passionately defends all the raw (and cooked) carrots in this world.

The little ones adore her, the grown-ups can't hide it — she's the it girl at all the parties, listens to all your secrets, and even laughs at bad jokes. She is today's rag doll (it's the star at raplapla), a soft doll, with captivating colors and moving textures.

- Size: 32cm.

-Materials: Cotton and polyester, stuffed with polyester fibers.

- Plastic eyes fixed with a rivet (meets the requirements of CE regulations as well as Health-Canada directives for toys intended for children under 36 months).

This doll is packaged in a pretty homemade box designed by Mimi Traillette (printed in Quebec), and she comes with her personal medical booklet. 

Fabrics and colors may vary slightly. In any case, the spirit of the character has been preserved!