Emile The Octopus

Emile The Octopus

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Emile The Octopus

by Raplapla

Émile the octopus manages the tentacles to do everything at the same time.

Clinging to the stroller when you pass over a pothole—it's a Montreal octopus—, keeping the pacifier safe and even holding back your buddy the rabbit who threatens to fall down. And giant hugs, of course.

If well tamed, she can also play the banjo while stirring your supper, which comes in handy after a long day .

- Size: 2cm.

-Materials: Cotton and polyester, stuffed with polyester fibers.

-Appliqué eyes.

This octopus is provided with her own medical information booklet

Fabrics and colors may vary slightly. In any case, the spirit of the character has been preserved!