Cowboy colts

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Cowboy colt

The fabric revolver made by the fairy raille is the softest cowboy colt in town. A classic accessory for pretend games or intrigues between friends, cowboys or rabbits! As a matter of fact, bullets don't fit the barrel. Creativity must be used to make it function. For example: you can insert flower seeds for the fastest gardening session or insert little stars to shoot them back in the sky for a beautiful spectacle, as long as you have the imagination to make it happen! Printed on cotton, this timeless toy will never ever hurt anything or anyone. Pow-pow!

Technical specifications :

    • 100% cotton
    • Polyester stuffing
    • Print with non-toxic water-based ink
    • Hand wash and dry flat
    • Dimensions: Length: 7 inches Width: 4 inches

    All products are made in La fée raille's workshop in downtown Montreal, where each object is drawn, printed and sewn. Each product thus owns its very own signature and the quality of a small production.