Ice cream party hat

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Party hat with ice cream print

Cotton candy, ice cream, lollipop, cupcake, popsicle, donut... they're all invited to the party! Celebrate a birthday with flair with this fabric party hat drawn by Mimi Traillette and screen-printed by la fée raille . A great way to create a new eco-friendly tradition. The fun can be renewed every year, a zero calorie sugar feast that won't compromise sleepy time. Bingo!

Technical specifications :

  • 100% cotton
  • Print with non-toxic water-based ink
  • Holds in place with a very comfortable elastic
  • Hand washable
  • Dimensions: Height: 6.5 inches Circumference: 13.4 inches

    All products are made in La fée raille's workshop in downtown Montreal, where each object is drawn, printed and sewn. Each product thus owns its very own signature and the quality of a small production.