Baby hairbrush

Baby hairbrush

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Baby hairbrush
By Glücksafer

This soft brush with natural hog bristles is ideal for brushing baby's fluffy hair. This hairbrush also massages the scalp and reliably absorbs dandruff.

The wood of the brush comes from sustainable forestry. For babies and toddlers with curlier hair, use of a horsehair brush is recommended.

The brush should be periodically cleaned of hair and scales, this can, for example, be done using a fine-toothed comb.

  • Soft brush for babies in hog hair from certified organic breeding
  • Beech wood frame from sustainable forestry
  • Do not clean the brush with a damp cloth. Use only a fine comb
  • Attention! Not suitable for children under 10 months. Risk of injury to the pharynx
  • Approximate dimensions: 19cm x 5cm x 3cm