Billie the linen bunny

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Billie the linen bunny
By La fée raille

A close cousin of the Billie Bunny in pajamas, Billie the linen bunny prefers the natural look. She likes a nap just as much, without being as chilly as her cousin.

Soft and fluffy like fresh bread, Billie Bunny likes to sleep in good company. She comes in two super cute sizes: one for big hugs and one for little hands.

Technical specifications :

  • 100% OEKO-tex linen 
  • Polyester fill
  • Hand-printed with non-toxic, water-based ink
  • Safety rattle pellet that emits a gentle sound when shaken
  • Hand wash and dry flat
  • Dimensions: Large Billie: 32 cm high, 28 cm wide
  • Dimensions: Little Billie: 15cm tall, 13cm wide

All products are made in a workshop in downtown Montreal, where La fée raille draws, prints and sews each object, giving them a unique signature and the quality of a small production.