Shea Butter

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Shea Butter 
By Savonnerie des Diligences

Shea butter is the ingredient of small miracles that every good personal pharmacy should contain. It is used to relieve wounds, colds and strains. On your skin, it has softening, anti-drying, anti-inflammatory, protective, healing and rejuvenating effects. A balm for brittle hair.

*Raw product, not deodorized

Suitable for: Vegans

A little advice from the soap maker: Shea butter is an excellent substitute for the balm that is applied to the blisters during a chicken pox rash. This product works wonders on cracking skin on feet, diaper rash, small patches of dry skin anywhere on the body, and for revitalizing damaged hair!

Ingredients: 100% Fair Trade Shea Butter

Photo credit: Margaux Edrl