Vinyl Stickers / The Whales

Vinyl Stickers / The Whales

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Vinyl Stickers / The Whales
By Les Tatoués 

All aspiring marine biologist, grab your stickers! Those silly whales are ready to decorate your knick-knacks!

Les Tatoués' stickers are printed on top quality vinyl, laminated and permanently adhesives. They are solid and waterproof, oil proof, scratch resistant and resist fading. 

Those stickers were made to be stuck onto anything, from water bottles, bikes, sleds, helmets, lunchboxes, cups and anything you can think of.

The adhesive does not leave residue upon removal. 

Designed in Montreal by Julie Ménard
Printed in USA

Contains one 10.2 x 15.2 cm (4'' X 6'') sheet