Mamagoto Picnic Bagel

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Mamagoto Picnic Bagel

by Kiko & gg

This all-dressed or plain bagel is simply crunchy! Whether it is cut, assembled, dissected, cooked or coveted, it will attract the most gourmet of minds and culinary architects of this world. Imaginary tastings at will!


To multiply the pleasures, the ingredients are varied. Depending on taste, there is fish, carrots, cheese, eggs to be enjoyed on the sunny side or by cracking the shell. You can also choose the lettuce or the delicious rice ball with a pickle inside.

Everyone will join you for the feast!


-Material: Durable beech wood, non-toxic paint, fabrics

-Dimensions: box 28cm X 11.5 cmX 5cm

-Suggested age: 2+